Good Design Changes Behaviour

When we are approaching a new design project in the studio, we always focus on one single factor: Changing the behaviour of those who interact with our designs.

I strongly believe that good design changes behaviour and that as creatives, we should focus on how the user is acting now and what behaviour we want to change, enhance or discourage.

I was at client lobby waiting for a meeting. On the coffee table in front of me were some nicely laid out brochures and magazines to entreating the visitors. One of them was a new company profile that we had just delivered to the client. Another guests was there and I carefully watch him as he flicked briefly through several brochures with one hand, he was not really paying attention, it looked like his flicking the pages was almost an automatism. Finally he picked up our profile. I was eager to see his reaction. 

The rigidity of the cover and our choice of a thicker paper forced him to use two hands, slowing down his flicking speed which then allowed him to take in more information, and really pay attention to the content of the publication..

 It was in that single moment I realised that our design had changed his behaviour; and I knew that we had done a good job with that product.