Why Defining "THE BRAND" ?

There has been plenty of speculation trying to define WHAT a brand is. Rather than the what, the HOW is much more fascinating to me. This is branding.

Branding is the systematic approach to find the perfect balance Rational and Emotional values. Values that a company or organisation shares with its public; Sustainably Growing: Culturally, Socially, and Financially.

Building a brand requires the ability to transfer a specific set of values into a product or service while maintaining and renewing those values over time.

Historically, brands distinguished similar products by defining their ORIGIN or OWNERSHIP. Mistakenly nowadays, we tend to forget this.

The automotive industry is a wonderful example of how to infuse values into a product. Simply
looking at the silhouettes of three different super cars we already have a feeling of what they stand for.

Ferrari has its engineered heritage in racing,
Lamborghini—originally designed to be the “anti-Ferrari,” and

Rolls Royce with its walnut dashboard, classic luxury, and presence make it the "royal ride."

All of these brands are distinctive, not only because of their ability to create outstanding
products, but for their mastery of infusing much more meaning into their designs.