Excellence is a matter of details

With this post I would like to pay homage to one of the most significant designers of the century in my opinion.

“Every detail is important because the end result is the sum of all the details involved in the creative process, no matter what we are doing.”

Massimo Vignelli


In design and particularly in brand building, details are extremely important. 

From the choice of fonts, to the signature of your email; from the colours and their combination, to the texture and weight of the paper you use for your stationary.

These details are what will define the tone of your voice and character. These same details, in an appropriate combination, will make you distinctive and unique.

In this era of visual and physical clutter, what we feel is much more relevant than what we see.

The apparently insignificant details that can’t be seen, but can definitely be perceived, are the most significant ones. So now more than ever, brands need to be sustained holistically because without a care for details there is no excellence, regardless of style or form.