About the Studio

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1.618 is an Italian strategic design & branding studio. Headquartered in Hong Kong and operations in Italy and Australia.

We believe in bringing design, aesthetic and meaning into everyday life.

Our approach involves utilizing future-oriented design principles to increase an organization's INNOVATIVE and COMPETITIVE qualities. Creating change-agents and teams, capable of strengthening: 

Product branding, product development, corporate identity, corporate branding and service delivery.

Our aim is to create outstanding user experiences; with the like-minded care of a craftsman. With our strategies, we seek the elements that distinguish the excellent from the ordinary.


1.618 Is a number, a name and a mission.

It is the so-called “golden ratio.” The ultimate expression of universal beauty with roots in the Italian Renaissance, and also a perfect synthesis of our business design philosophy which is based on the systems of harmony and proportion. 

When we approach a new business design project, we always focus on one single factor; Changing the behavior of who interacts with our design. We believe that Good Design Changes Behavior

Part of this change is creating an outstanding experience for the user.

We love to say that we “Design businesses for excellence” and that
“Excellence is a matter of details™ ”.